What Is Summit? | SMMT Stock Forecast 2023, 2025, 2030
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What is Summit? | SMMT Stock Forecast 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

by Cavix   ·  December 7, 2022   ·  

We can start the information about SMMT stock by introducing the company. A biopharmaceutical business called Summit Therapeutics Inc. finds, creates, and markets drugs to treat infectious conditions in the US and Latin America. It performs clinical initiatives concentrating on the infection caused by Clostridioides difficile (CDI). Ridinilazole, an oral small molecule antibacterial that is now undergoing Phase III clinical studies for the management of CDI, is the company’s principal product candidate.

Additionally, it provides the DDS-04 series for the prospective treatment of infections caused by the Enterobacteriaceae and SMT-738 for the management of multidrug resistant infections, primarily carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae infections. The business is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and was established in 2003.

Under the ticker SMMT, Summit Therapeutics is traded on the NASDAQ. The NASDAQ symbol for Summit Therapeutics trading tools is SMMT. The current share price for Summit Therapeutics is $2.31. As of Dec 6, 2022. The 52 week high and low of Summit Therapeutics were each $5.26. It is currently 250% higher than its 52 week low and 56.08% lower than its 52 week high.

Summit Therapeutics: Who Is Its Owner?

Summit Therapeutics (NASDAQ: SMMT) is managed by institutional shareholders to the tune of 1.59%, insiders to the tune of 88.20%, and retail investors to the tune of 10.22%. The largest individual stakeholder of Summit Therapeutics is Robert W. Duggan, who holds 162.53M shares, or 80.73% of the firm. The market value of Robert W. Duggan’s Summit Therapeutics stock is approximately $375.45M.

Interestingly, Mahkam Zanganeh, the company’s second-largest stakeholder, also serves as co-CEO, indicating that many of the top shareholders are insiders.

While researching an organization’s institutional ownership can be beneficial to your research, also it is a good idea to check into analyst recommendations to gain a better understanding of a stock’s anticipated performance. Since we are not currently detecting any analyst covering of the Summit Therapeutics stock, it is doubtful that the firm is widely held.

Ownership By Insiders At Summit Therapeutics

Chairman of the panel of directors always count, even though the meaning of an insider may vary slightly between nations. The board, which should promote the interests of shareholders, answers to the firm management. Notably, senior managers occasionally serves on the board personally.

Insiders appear to hold more than half of the shares in Summit Therapeutics Inc. They have a lot much power due. They therefore have Summit Therapeutics stock in the US$181 million firm valued at US$153 million. That has a lot of importance. This degree of investment is encouraging.

The public in general, which includes retail investors, owns 12% of the corporation and cannot therefore be easily disregarded. Even while this level of ownership might not be sufficient to influence a policy choice in their favor, they can nevertheless have an overall impact on corporate practices.

SMMT Competitors

Merrimack Pharmaceuticals (MACK), ESSA Pharma (EPIX), KemPharm (KMPH), Anixa Biosciences (ANIX), Milestone Pharmaceuticals (MIST), ProPhase Labs (PRPH), Astria Therapeutics (ATXS), LianBio (LIAN), Nature’s Sunshine Products (NATR), and Inventiva are among the primary rivals of Summit Therapeutics (IVA). All of these businesses fall under the category of “pharmaceutical preparations.”

When compared by MarketBeat users, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals scored 117 more votes for outperformance than Summit Therapeutics. In a similar vein, 68.14% of users voted for Merrimack Pharmaceuticals to outperform, but only 57.64% did the same for Summit Therapeutics.

In contrast to Summit Therapeutics’ profit income of -1,012.41%, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals’ net margin is 0.00%. Summit Therapeutics’ the equity return was beaten by Merrimack Pharmaceuticals’ equity return of -14.32%.

Compared to Summit Therapeutics, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals has better profitability but lower revenue. Summit Therapeutics is currently more expensive than Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, with Merrimack Pharmaceuticals trading at a cheaper cost ratio.

With a beta of 1.9, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals’ stock price is 90% more unpredictable than the S&P 500’s. Summit Therapeutics, in contrast, seems to have a beta of 0.76, which indicates that its stock price is 24% less erratic than the S&P 500.

Akeso’s Cancer Treatment Is Licensed To Summit Therapeutics In A Deal Worth Up To $5 Billion

Summit Therapeutics Inc SMMT.O’s shares increased by 57% in premarket activity after the company said on Tuesday that it will acquire China-based Akeso Inc’s 9926.HK novel anti – cancer medicine in a transaction worth up to $5 billion.

Akeso will receive a $500 million upfront payment as part of the agreement, and it will also be available for project milestones of up to $4.5 billion for regulatory and business success. Akeso will also be qualified for low double-digit royalty on net sales, according to a statement from Summit.

Ivonescimab will be developed and marketed by Summit under the terms of the agreement there in United States, Canada, Europe, and Japan, while Akeso will continue to have the rights for the rest of the globe, including China.

What Does Summit Therapeutics Stock Now Trade For?

What Does Summit Therapeutics Stock Now Trade For?

There are presently 201,321,175 Summit Therapeutics stock outstanding. The market capitalization of Summit Therapeutics stock, which is currently trading at $2.31 a share, is $465.05M.

On March 5, 2015, Summit Therapeutics stock went public at a price of $10.19. Your return over the past seven years, or an annual return of -19.11%, could have been -77.33% if you had purchased Summit Therapeutics shares at $10.19.

As of December 7, 2022, Summit Therapeutics had a $465.05M market cap. The total market value of a public companies company’s outstanding shares is known as market cap (market capitalization). The market capitalization of Summit Therapeutics is determined by dividing the $2.31 share price of SMMT by the 201,321,175 shares that are currently in circulation.

What Did SMMT Make In The Most Last Quarter?

Summit Therapeutics (NASDAQ: SMMT) announced Q3 2022 per share earnings (EPS) of -$0.00, an increase of 50% year over year, on August 9, 2022. Summit Therapeutics made a total loss of $21.39 million during the period. Summit Therapeutics’s profits per share (EPS) for the comparable quarter last year were -$0.00.

The profits of Summit Therapeutics increased year over year as of Q4 2022. The entire revenue for Summit Therapeutics in the most recent year was -$86.65 million. Summit Therapeutics (NASDAQ: SMMT) announced Q3 2022 sales of $220.00 thousand on August 9, 2022, an increase of 83.19% from the previous year.

Summit Therapeutics’ revenue for the same period last year was $1.31 million. The revenue of Summit Therapeutics increased -45.15% over the preceding year as of Q4 2022. This is 163.11 basis points less than the 117.96% revenue growth rate for the US biotechnology industry. The yearly revenue for Summit Therapeutics was $956.00 thousand. In the last 12 months, SMMT has not distributed any dividends.

How Are Shares Of SMMT Valued?

To determine SMMT’s genuine value, you can utilize a range of different financial measures, studies, models, and charts. Relative value metrics are used: Depending on its P/B ratio of 3.49x compared to the biotechnology industry’s P/B ratio of 4.87x, SMMT may be undervalued.

The value score for SMMT stock forecast is 43, which is higher than the average for the Biotechnology sector. SMMT stock forecast is now passing 3 of the 7 tests for due diligence. SMMT has a Financials score of 33, which is higher than the average for the Biotechnology sector.

SMMT stock forecast is now passing 3 of the 7 tests for due diligence. The SMMT stock forecast score for is 0, which is the same as the mean for the Biotechnology sector. SMMT stock forecast has failed 0 of the last 9 inspections for due diligence.

The performance score for SMMT is 86, which is higher than the industry average for biotechnology. Six out of ten due diligence checks are being passed by SMMT. We do not assign a score to this attribute because Summit Therapeutics seems to have no previous history of dividend payments.

Overview Of SMMT’s Financial Health

Financial due diligence checks that passed: On the SMMT accounting records, short-term assets outnumber long-term liabilities. SMMT has a 56706000 cash burn. It has at least a year’s worth of coverage in the form of cash and short-term investments.

Here on SMMT balance sheet, short-term assets outnumber short-term liabilities. In comparison to shareholder equity, total SMMT indebtedness is lower today than it was five years ago. With a ratio of 0.17, SMMT has a minimal debt to equity.

SMMT holds $121.97M in short-term investments and cash. This is sufficient to fund its $56.71M yearly cash burn. Failing financial due diligence exams: In the last year, SMMT’s profit margin has decreased from -4,305.5% to -9,064%.

Summit Therapeutics Stock Is A Good Buy In 2022?

One Wall Street analyst tracking the (NASDAQ: SMMT) Summit Therapeutics stock has recommended holding it. The current Earnings Per Share (EPS) for Summit Therapeutics is $0.01. Analysts predict that SMMT’s EPS will just be -$1.07 on average in 2022, with the lowest and highest estimates both being -$1.07.

The average SMMT stock forecast earnings growth rate for the US biotech industry is 7.94%; Summit Therapeutics is not expected to outperform this average, nor is it expected to outperform the average SMMT stock forecast profits growth rate for the US market, which is 17.02%.

The revenue for Summit Therapeutics for 2022 is -$86,652,000. With the low SMMT earnings projection at -$215,413,657 and the highest SMMT stock forecast at -$215,413,657, 1 Wall Street analyst expected SMMT to earn -$215,413,657 in 2022 on average. In 2022, Summit Therapeutics will earn $956,000. 1 Wall Street analysts predict that SMMT’s sales for 2022 will be, on average, $402,642,350, with the highest and the lowest estimates both coming in at $402,642,350.

How Do I Buy Stock In Summit Therapeutics?

Choose a location to purchase Summit Therapeutics shares. opening a brokerage account your brokerage account with money. Review the shares of Summit Therapeutics. Put in a buy order for SMMT.

Get up-to-date information about your SMMT investment. You should keep up with developments at your company now as you own certain shares of SMMT.

SMMT Stock Forecast 2023

SMMT Stock Forecast 2023

Analysts predict the SMMT’s EPS will be -$0.69 on average for 2023, with the lowest and highest estimates both coming in at -$0.69. The estimated EPS for SMMT stock forecast in 2023 will be -$0.60 (minimum: -$0.60, maximum: -$0.60).

One Wall Street analyst predicted that SMMT stock forecast will earn -$138,911,611 in 2023 on average, with the lowest estimate being -$138,911,611 and the highest estimate being -$138,911,611. Earnings for SMMT are expected to total -$120,792,705 in 2023.

With the minimum earnings estimate being -$120,792,705 and indeed the highest estimate being -$120,792,706. One Wall Street analyst expects SMMT’s revenue to be $195,281,540 on average in 2023, with $195,281,540 being both the lowest and highest SMMT revenue projection.

SMMT Stock Forecast 2024

The revenue projection for SMMT for 2024 ranges from $2,478,263,664 for the minimum SMMT stock forecast to $2,478,263,664 for the highest SMMT stock forecast.

SMMT stock forecast is expected to have a bad ROE of -22.66%. Compared to the anticipated US Biotechnology average industry of 13.55%, expected ROA is lower, at -19.44%.

Summit Therapeutics Stock Forecast 2026

Twelve forecasts are made for each month of 2026 for the SMMT stock forecast, with an average prognosis of $3.46, a high prediction of $3.94, and a low prediction of $2.5.

The typical SMMT stock forecast for 2026 shows a growth of 49.85% from the most recent price of $2.30999994277954.

Summit Therapeutics Stock Forecast 2028

Twelve forecasts are made for each month of 2028 for the Summit Therapeutics stock projection for 2028 (5 years), with an average SMMT stock forecast of $1.99, a high prognosis of $2.26, and a low prediction of $1.87.

The typical SMMT stock forecast for 2028 shows a drop of -13.7% from the most recent price of $2.30999994277954.

Summit Therapeutics Stock Forecast 2031

Twelve forecasts are made for each month of 2031 for the SMMT stock forecast, with an average prognosis of $3.96, a high prediction of $4.17, and a low prediction of $3.69.

The typical Summit Therapeutics stock prediction for 2031 shows a growth of 71.55% from the most recent price of $2.30999994277954.


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