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COSM Stock Forecast, News, and Targets

by Cavix   ·  November 25, 2022   ·  

COSM Stock Forecast, News, and Targets

by Cavix   ·  November 25, 2022   ·  

Pharmaceutical company Cosmos Holdings Inc. is vertically integrated. Through its distribution networks and an online store, it provides an unique line of branded and generic medicines, nutraceuticals, over-the-counter medicines, health and baby goods, medical gadgets.

And other products. The business also runs a warehouse facility and has distribution network in Greece and the UK. It finds, acquires, develops, and monetizes products that improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

Both independent retail pharmacies and wholesale pharmaceutical distributors are its clients. In November 2013, the business changed its name from Prime Estates & Developments, Inc. to Cosmos Holdings, Inc. The corporate headquarters of Cosmos Holdings Inc. are in Chicago, Illinois.

What Is Atom?

The native property of Cosmos, a decentralized solid evidence blockchain network with the objective of joining numerous independent distributed ledgers to form a “Internet of Blockchains” is ATOM. The Cosmos Hub, also known as the Cosmos Network, operates as a collection of autonomous blockchains known to as zones.

Using Byzantine fault tolerance features on the Tendermint consensus system and the IBC or Cross Communication Protocol, the Cosmos Software Developer Kit (SDK) enables developers to create their own network of interconnected blockchains.

Cosmos SDK was used to construct the blockchain systems Terra and Binance Chain. Owners of ATOM tokens can stake their tokens to get ATOM incentives for sustaining the Cosmos ecosystem.

How Much Is The Stock Of Cosmos Holding Currently Worth?

The ticker COSM price target There are presently 83,797,481 shares of Cosmos Holdings outstanding. The market capitalization of Cosmos Holdings is $26.82M, with the stock now selling at $0.32 per share.

On January 2, 2013, Cosmos Holdings stock went public at a COSM stock price prediction of $1.80. Your return over the last nine years would be -82.22%, for an annualized return of -17.46%, if you had purchased Cosmos Holdings shares at $1.80.

Overview Of COSM’s Financial Health

Indicators of COSM’s sound financial condition: Mostly on COSM balance sheet, short-term assets outnumber long-term liabilities. In comparison to shareholder equity, total COSM indebtedness is lower today than it was five years ago. On the COSM financial statements, short-term assets outnumber short-term liabilities.

Indications that COSM’s finances are unsound: At 11.75, COSM’s ratio of debt to equity is comparatively high. In the last year, COSM’s profit margin has decreased from -13% to -64.2%. COSM has $662,46k in short-term investments and cash.

This is not enough to fund its $6.18M yearly cash burn. COSM has a 617,966 dollar cash burn. It lacks the liquidity and short-term investments necessary to cover this.

How To Buy Stock In Cosmos Holding

How To Buy Stock In Cosmos Holding

Pick a location to purchase Cosmos Holdings stock: You must select an online broker. establishing a brokerage account Join the top-rated brokerage we’ve chosen for 0% commission trading. The greatest location to get COSM stock price prediction is there.

Fill up your investing account with money: Select a payment option, then enter your information. Examine the shares of Cosmos Holdings: The ticker for Cosmos Holdings is COSM.

Make your COSM trade here: Choose whether you want to buy COSM shares at the current market COSM price target or at a specific price using a limit order. Get the most recent information about your COSM investment.

Institutional Investors In Cosmos Stock

Have you ever been taken aback when an equity instrument, like Cosmos Holdings, sees its COSM stock price prediction jump without apparent cause? This frequently occurs as a result of active back-and-forth trading among institutional investors in Cosmos Holdings.

The organization that pools funds to buy securities from or generate loans for Cosmos Holdings is referred to as an institutional investor. Commercial and private banking, credit unions, insurance firms, pension funds, fund managers, endowments, & mutual funds are examples of institutional investors.

Operating firms that put extra money into these kinds of assets could also be referred to as “excess capital investors” and have the potential to have an impact on corporate governance through their ability to vote on investments.

Public Structure Of COSM Stock

100 million preferred stock shares, of that which 6,000,000 are classified as Series A converted preferred stock, may be issued by the company. The non-voting preferred stock does have a priority in liquidation over the common stock.

There were 6,000 and 0 preferred shares issued since about September 30, 2022, and 1,500 and 0 shares were still outstanding as of December 31, 2021, respectively. On November 25, 2022, each share of Cosmos Holdings stock costs $0.32.

Notice Of Volatility In Cosmos Holdings

Notice Of Volatility In Cosmos Holdings

Over the chosen time range, Cosmos Holdings’ returns exhibit high volatility. To make sure that associated market timing methods are in line with all assumptions concerning Cosmos Holdings implied risk, we strongly advise all investors to look into this product more.

The penny COSM stock of Holdings may be interesting. While Cosmos Holdings might be a sound investment, many equity investments are speculative by nature and are susceptible to inflated price expectations.

The potential upside and negative risk when dealing in Cosmos Holdings should be fully understood by you. But keep in mind that equity investments that have received unwarranted attention are frequently unable to sustain their elevated share prices for longer than a few days.

Basics Of Cosmos Holdings Compared To Peers

One of the most popular and well acknowledged techniques for COSM stock assessments is evaluating Cosmos Holdings’ basics to the overall average of its competitors. Analyzing the indirect or direct competition of Cosmos Holdings.

With respect to the fundamentals that are shared by Cosmos Holdings as well as the associated equities is helpful. By doing so, we can find inexpensive stocks with traits similar to Cosmos Holdings or identify the COSM stock that would make a fantastic addition to the an existing portfolio.

In addition, relative valuation, a technique for evaluating Cosmos Holdings by contrasting valuations with those of comparable companies, could be used to peer-analyze the fundamental indicators of Cosmos Holdings.

Market Momentum For Cosmos Holdings

When evaluating equities like Cosmos, traders frequently utilize a number of daily momentum indicators to enhance a more conventional technical analysis. Investors must select the finest indicators for them from a wide range of possibilities and become familiar with how they operate.

We recommend combining conventional momentum indicators with shorter-term technical analysis tools like accumulation distribution and daily balance of power. Daily COSM price target technical indicators might be used in any automated trading systems due to their quantitative nature.

Forecast For Cosmos Holdings’ Stock

Forecast For Cosmos Holdings' Stock

Is the COSM stock forecast? The share price of Cosmos Holdings (COSM) is currently $0.33. The COSM score, which is 55 and 10% higher than the historical median of 50, denotes a lower risk than usual.

Around terms of its COSM stock forecast levels, COSM is stock is trading in the 50–60% percentile zone. The COSM stock forecast is above its 5, 20, and 50 day exponential smoothing averages, which indicates a significantly positive COSM stock forecast and some light buying pressure.

Concerning Cosmos Holdings Buy Or Sell Advice

What time of day should I sell or buy Cosmos Holdings? It’s not very difficult to purchase financial products like COSM Stock. But for most investors, the hardest part is timing their investments to outperform the market.

Most people lack the sophisticated tools necessary to accurately time the market and identify the best opportunities. You can rapidly build positions utilizing our predetermined set of strategies and optimize these against your really distinct investment style in addition to including Cosmos Holdings in existing portfolios.

A group of funds, equities, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies that are automatically chosen from a selection of investment ideas constitute a single investing idea. After identifying your opportunity to invest, you may then create an ideal portfolio that would either minimize the chosen idea’s vulnerability to market volatility or maximize the possible rewards on it.

Influences Of COVID-19 For COSM Stock

The worldwide financial and economic markets have been uncertain and disrupted as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. As of the date of release of this Quarterly Report of Form 10-Q, the Company is indeed not aware of the specific occurrence or condition that would necessitate a change to its estimates or judgements or a revision of the holding value of the assets or liabilities.

These projections are subject to change when new developments take place and more data becomes available. Under certain assumptions or conditions, actual results could be significantly different from these projections.

Is The Cosmos Holdings Sector Anticipated To Expand?

Or is there a chance that the company’s product line will grow in the future? These elements will increase Cosmos Holdings’ worth. The value of the business will be higher if investors believe Cosmos will expand in the future.  Accurately defining present potential growth and future valuation is the foundation of the financial sector.

All of the above-mentioned valuation data for Cosmos Holdings must be taken into account, but understanding which aspects will have a greater impact on value in the future is crucial. In contrast to the valuation of Cosmos Holdings that is reflected just on company’s balance sheet, the market COSM price target for Cosmos Holdings is calculated.

The inherent value, which really is Cosmos Holdings’ real underlying value and varies from its market price or book value, is another opinion that investors have about the company’s value. Investors determine a stock’s intrinsic value using a variety of techniques, and then purchase it when the market COSM price target is lower than the intrinsic value.

Currency And It’s Equivalents

The Company considers any highly liquid investments acquired with an original expiry of 3 months or less to just be cash equivalents for the purposes of the cash flow. There was no cash equivalents as of December 31, 2021, or September 30, 2022.

The company keeps bank accounts in the US with US Dollars as the currency, in Greece with Euros, US Dollars, and British Pounds (British Pounds Sterling), and also in Bulgaria with Euros. The Company also keeps bank balances in the UK with currency in Great Britain Pounds and Euros.

Due Diligence Checks For COSM

Cosmos Holdings has weak fundamentals and is presently failing 4/33 due diligence requirements. It has a 14 Zen Score overall. The Financials score for COSM is 0, which is the same as the industry average for Drug Manufacturers – Specialty & Generic.

Out of the seven due diligence checks, COSM is failing one. The COSM stock forecast is 0, which is the same as the industry mean for Drug Manufacturers – Specialty & Generic. Currently, COSM is failing 0 of 9 criteria for due diligence.

The performance score for COSM is 43, which is higher than the industry average for Drug Manufacturers – Specialty & Generic. Currently, COSM is able to pass 3 from out 10 diligence assessments. We do not assign a score to this attribute because Cosmos Holdings has had no recent history of paying dividends.

Does COSM Offer A Reliable Source Of Income?

Unfortunately, Cosmos Holdings doesn’t somehow offer an income stream through dividend payments.

Executives at COSM have purchased more shares in the last year than they have disposed. The most recent COSM insider to purchase was COSM CEO Grigorios Siokas. On October 20, 2022, they acquired COSM shares valued $1,500,000.00.

What Are Cosmos Holdings’ 52 Week High And Low?

The ticker COSM The 52-week high and low of COSM stock price prediction Cosmos Holdings were $4.51 and $0.07, respectively. Currently, it is 370.59% away out of its 52-week low and -92.9% out of its 52-week high.

COSM The NASDAQ trades Cosmos Holdings under the ticker COSM. The NASDAQ symbol for Cosmos Holdings market reports is COSM. In comparison to the five years ago, COSM’s debt to shareholder equity ratio (11.75) has reduced or stayed the same (-4.92).

According to our assessment of its fair market COSM stock price prediction value cost of $0.37 based on valuation methods (DCF) modeling, COSM ($0.32) is underrepresented by 12.72%. But COSM stock price prediction does not have a substantial margin of safety.

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