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Biogen Stock Forecast 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

by Cavix   ·  December 2, 2022   ·  

Biogen Stock Forecast 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

by Cavix   ·  December 2, 2022   ·  

There are many perks we can provide information about Biogen stock. Biogen Inc. is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based American multinational biotechnology firm that specializes in the research, development, and distribution of treatments for the treatment of neurological illnesses to patients all over the world.

Several eminent biologists, notably Kenneth Murray from the University of Edinburgh, Phillip Allen Sharp from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Walter Gilbert from Harvard University, created Biogen stock as Biotechnology Geneva in 1978. Gilbert oversaw Biogen’s early operations as CEO.

Biogen Inc. deposited $10 million in OneUnited Bank in September 2020 to add more capital for financing commercial and residential development in Black areas. In order to collaborate to develop a variety of depression medicines, the business declared in November that it would spend $875 million up front and buy a $650 million interest in Sage Therapeutics.

Acuranumab was given accelerated clearance by the FDA on June 7, 2021 under the brand name Aduhelm, which turned out to be contentious. The medicine cost $56,000 USD per year, however many insurance do not pay it as they seek for more evidence of its efficacy. Additionally, it will not get US government funding outside of clinical studies.

What Is The Price Of A Share Of Biogen Stock?

The ticker “BIIB” The current share price for Biogen is $301.85. (as of Dec 1, 2022). Biogen stock is traded on the NASDAQ underneath the ticker BIIB. NASDAQ: BIIB can also be used to display Biogen stock quotations.

The ticker “BIIB” The 52-week high and low for Biogen were $311.88 and $187.16, respectively. It is currently 61.28% higher than its 52-week low and -3.22% lower than its 52-week high. The ticker “BIIB” There are presently 144,001,404 shares of Biogen outstanding. The market capitalization of Biogen stock, which is currently trading at $301.85 a share, is $43.47B.

The first listing price for Biogen stock was $5.73 on December 31, 1997. Your return over the past 24 years would have been 5,167.89% if you had purchased Biogen stock at $5.73, for an average return of 17.96%.

Who Is The Owner Of Biogen?

84.40% of Biogen stock is held by institutions, 2.09% by company insiders, and 13.50% by retail investors (NASDAQ: BIIB). The largest individual shareholder of Biogen is Primecap Management Co, which owns 15.74M shares, or 10.93% of the business. Shares of Biogen owned by Primecap Management Co are currently priced at $4.75 billion.

Who purchases or sells BIIB? Insiders at BIIB sold more shares in the last year than they bought. The newest insider to sell was Susan H. Alexander, EVP Chief Legal Off Corp Sec of BIIB. On October 27, 2022, they sold BIIB shares worth $1,552,832.40.

Purchasing Biogen From Samsung?

For $2.3 billion, Samsung purchases Biogen’s biosimilar business. But not the entire aduhelm hassle. A recent Korean story raised the possibility of Samsung acquiring Biogen. It turns out that Samsung is definitely purchasing a piece of Biogen, never the full business that is struggling to launch a medication for Alzheimer’s disease.

The only significant change for Biogen is a smaller profit split from the portfolio of biosimilars. Its exclusive commercialization contracts for a pipeline candidate and four approved imitation products are still in effect. However, the action indicates that a full takeover of Biogen is unlikely to occur very soon, according to a letter to clients from Jefferies analyst Michael Yee.

Biogen Intensifies The Aduhelm Trial In The Face Of Opposition

To launch Samsung Bioepis in 2012, Biogen first invested $45 million for a 15% share in the company. The American company then exercised a choice to increase its stake to 50% less one Biogen stock for around $700 million.

Samsung will now pay Biogen $1 billion at the close of the acquisition and $1.25 billion over the following two years. The achievement of specific commercial goals is a requirement for a further $50 million payment.

Biogen will keep reporting revenue for the portfolio because it still has the marketing rights. But by leaving the franchise, Biogen forfeits the 25% of income that would have come from its portion of the joint venture under the terms of a 50-50 profit-sharing agreement that the company has with Samsung Bioepis.

BIIB Growth Statistics

Earnings for BIIB in 2017 were $2.86 billion. Earnings at BIIB have increased by 3.78% annually during the previous five years. This was less rapid than the 14.39% industry average for Drug Manufacturers.

Revenue for BIIB in 2017 was $10.36 billion. The revenue of BIIB has increased by -2.63% annually over the last five years. This was less rapid than the 8.19% industry average for Drug Manufacturers-General.

Financial Strength Of BIIB

Just on BIIB balance sheet, short-term assets outnumber long-term liabilities. In the last year, the BIIB profit margin increased from 13.9% to 27.6%. Earnings of $3.89 billion by BIIB are insufficient to pay interest.

On the BIIB financial statements, short-term assets outnumber short-term liabilities. With an operational cash flow of $2.40 billion, BIIB is able to responsibly service its $6.63 billion debt.

Cons: Compared to shareholder equity, total BIIB debt is bigger now than it was five years ago. With a ratio of 0.95, BIIB’s debt to equity is comparatively high.

What Is The Market Cup For Biogen?

What Is The Market Cup For Biogen?

The ticker “BIIB” As of December 2, 2022, Biogen had a $43.47B market cap. The total selling price of a publicly listed company’s outstanding shares is known as market cap (market capitalization).

The market value of Biogen is computed by dividing the 144,001,404 outstanding shares of BIIB by the stock’s current price of $301.85.

BIIB Summary

The valuation score of BIIB is 57, which is higher than the industry average for Drug Manufacturers – General. Currently, BIIB is passing 4 of the 7 diligence requirements.

The Financials score for BIIB is 0, which is the same as the average score for the Drug Manufacturers – General industry. BIIB is presently failing 0 of 7 criteria for due diligence. The forecast score for BIIB is 40, which is higher than the average for Drug Manufacturers – General industry. In 4 of the 9 checks for due diligence, BIIB is passing.

The performance score for BIIB is 71, which is higher than the industry average for Drug Manufacturers – General. 5 from out 10 investigative work checks are being passed by BIIB. We disregard this dimension because Biogen has no previous dividends history.

Is Biogen Good Stock In 2022?

26 Wall Street experts that follow the (NASDAQ: BIIB) Biogen stock agree that it is a good idea to buy the stock. Out of 26 researchers, 10 (38.46%) are advising investors to buy BIIB, 8 (30.77%) are advising investors to hold BIIB, 8 (30.77%) are advising investors to buy BIIB, and 0 (0% are advising investors to sell BIIB).

To determine BIIB’s genuine value, a range of different financial measures, studies, models, and charts can be used. Using techniques for relative assessments. Based on its P/E ratio of 15.34x compared to the P/E ratio of 31.85x for Drug Manufacturers – General industry.

BIIB may be undervalued. Depending on its P/B ratio of 3.4x compared to the P/B ratio of 5.59x for Drug Manufacturers – General, BIIB may be undervalued. On December 1, 2022, Steve Chesney, a top 23% researcher from Atlantic Equities, lifts their price objective for BIIB from $220.00 to $295.00.

On November 30, 2022, Michael Yee, a high 12% analyst from Jefferies, boosts their price objective for BIIB from $325 to $350.00 while maintaining a strong buy recommendation.

Should I Sell Or Purchase Biogen Stock At This Time?

Should I Sell Or Purchase Biogen Stock At This Time?

In the past year, 28 Wall Street analysts have given Biogen “buy,” “hold,” and “sell” ratings. 20 buy ratings and 8 hold ratings are now present for the Biogen stock. Wall Street experts generally agree that shareholders to “buy” BIIB shares.

What Is the Price Target for Biogen?

The average price objective for Biogen stock over the next year, so according 25 Wall Street analysts, is $306.60. The highest price target is $370.00, and the lowest price goal is $225.00.

By December 1, 2023, Wall Street analysts anticipate that Biogen stock price will have risen to $306.60 on average. From the present BIIB stock price of $301.85, the median Biogen stock price projection predicts a possible increase of 1.57%.

Forecast ROE for (NASDAQ: BIIB) is 19.55%, which would be viewed as below average. (NASDAQ: BIIB) is expected to have a return on assets of 10.05 percent, which is under the anticipated 18.1 percent average for US Drug Producers – General.

How Much Did Biogens Earning Last Quarter?

Biogen (NASDAQ: BIIB) reported Q3 2022 per share earnings (EPS) of $7.86 on October 25, 2022, an increase of 254.05% from the previous year. For the quarter, Biogen earned a total of $1.13 billion. Biogen’s per-share profits (EPS) for the same month last year were $2.22.

Biogen’s earnings as of Q4 2022 had increased 87.61% over the previous year. This is 48.37 percentage points greater than the 39.23% earnings growth rate for the US Drug Manufacturers – General industry. The overall revenue for Biogen for the previous year was $2.86 billion.

Biogen (NASDAQ: BIIB) announced Q3 2022 sales of $2.51 billion on October 25, 2022, an increase of 9.73% over the previous year. Biogen’s revenue for the same period last year was $2.78 billion. The revenue of Biogen increased -6.64% over the past year as of Q4 2022. This is 19.25 percentage points less than the 12.61% revenue growth rate for the US Drug Manufacturers – General industry. The yearly revenue for Biogen was $10.36 billion.

Biogen Forecast 2022

Biogen Forecast 2022

The ticker “ Biogen stock ” While it is not expected to surpass the average Biogen stock forecast revenue growth rate of 6.76% for the US market, Biogen stock forecast yearly revenue growth rate of -3.53% is not expected to surpass that of the US Drug Manufacturers – General industry. In the last year, BIIB has not distributed any dividends.

In 2022, Biogen will earn $10,363,200,000. The average estimate of BIIB’s revenue for 2022 from 26 Wall Street analysts is $1,437,858,770,986.

With the correct figure coming in at $1,403,685,365,799 and the highest estimate coming in at $1,463,042,744,528.

The ticker “BIIB” Earnings Per Share (EPS) for Biogen as of right now is $19.68. Analysts expect BIIB’s EPS to be $16.36 on average for 2022, the with correct figure coming in at $15.41 and the highest at $17.45.

Biogen Forecast 2023

With the lowest Biogen stock forecast at $1,771,217,269 and the highest Biogen stock forecast at $2,996,669,217, 27 Wall Street analysts have Biogen stock forecast will be, on average, $2,298,262,408 in 2023.

The consensus price target among the 26 analysts that are providing 12 month Biogen stock forecast for Biogen Inc. is 325.00, with an upper figure of 370.00 and an anything between of 247.00. From the most recent price of 297.91, the median projection reflects a rise of +9.09%.

Analysts expect Biogen stock forecast EPS will just be $15.96 on average for 2023, with the actual figure coming in at $12.30 and the highest at $20.81.

Biogen Forecast 2024

The estimated earnings for Biogen stock forecast in 2024 are $2,367,383,082, with the lowest estimate coming in at $1,689,136,469 and also the largest estimate coming in at $3,559,714,707.

The estimated revenue for Biogen stock forecast in 2024 is $1,339,969,064,571, with the low revenue estimate being $1,221,419,908,728 as well as the highest sales estimate being $1,598,948,389,595.

The estimated EPS for Biogen stock forecast in 2024 is $16.44 (range: $11.73 to $24.72).

How Do I Get Biogen Stock?

Where should you purchase Biogen stock? You must select an online broker. Establishing a brokerage account Join the top-rated brokerage we have chosen for 0% commission trading. The best location to purchase BIIB stock is here.

Fill up your brokerage account with money: Add your information and select your payment method. Review the Biogen stock. Select whether you want to buy BIIB stock at the market price or at a preset price using a limit order. Make a watchlist to keep track of your fresh Biogen stock investment.

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