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AMAM Stock Forecast 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

by Cavix   ·  December 11, 2022   ·  

AMAM Stock Forecast 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

by Cavix   ·  December 11, 2022   ·  

Using its unique expanded genetic code technology platform, Ambrx Biopharma Inc.(AMAM stock) , a clinical-stage biologics firm, discovers and creates tailored precision biologics. Its lead product candidate, ARX788, is an anti-HER2-drug conjugate (ADC) that is being studied in numerous clinical trials to treat of breast cancer, stomach junction cancer, as well as other solid tumors. These trials, which are currently in Phase 2 and Phase 3, are also being conducted for the treatment of gastric and breast cancers that have metastasized and are HER2-positive.

The company is also working on two earlier-stage product candidates: ARX305, an anti-CD70 ADC in investigational new chemical studies for the treatment of kidney cell carcinoma and other cancers.  And ARX517, an anti-PSMA ADC in a Phase 1 clinical trial for the therapy of prostate cancer and other tumors.

It is also creating additional multiple product candidates with an eye toward immuno-oncology applications, such as ARX102, an immuno-oncology IL-2 path agonist that targets and gamma receptors on cytotoxic T cells to activate the patient’s own immune system, and ARX822, a fab-small macromolecular bispecific that is used in preclinical phase for cancers. Bristol Myers Squibb Company, AbbVie Inc., BeiGene, Sino Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd., NovoCodex, and Elanco Animal Health are all partners of Ambrx Biopharma Inc. The business was founded in 2003, and its main office is in La Jolla, California.

Who Are The Major Owners Of AMAM Stock?

17 investment banks and fund managers owned AMAM stock in Ambrx Biopharma over the previous two years. Fosun International Ltd ($37.88M), Adage Capital Partners GP L.L.C. ($17.37M), BlackRock Inc. ($11.75M), FMR LLC ($10.22M), Octagon Capital Advisors LP ($8.82M), Suvretta Capital Management LLC ($6.15M), and Millennium Management LLC ($2.82M) were the institutional investors with the largest investments.

AMAM stock is held by institutions 44.21% of the time. In the past 24 months, institutional investors have purchased 9,197,182 shares altogether. This volume of purchases entails about $158.86M in transactions.

In the past 24 months, investment banks have sold 274,909 shares in total. This share sale volume equates to roughly $1.55M in business. Institutional shareholders Cormorant Asset Management LP ($0.15M), BlackRock Inc. ($48.46K), Tudor Investment Corp Et Al ($39.86K), Ghisallo Capital Management LLC ($25K), and Renaissance Technologies LLC ($11.60K) all sold shares of Ambrx Biopharma in the past 24 months.

Short Sellers Of Ambrx Biopharma?

November saw a decrease in short interest in Ambrx Biopharma. 3,800 shares totaled short interest as of November 15th, which is a decrease of 20.8% from the 4,800 share total as of October 31st. The days-to-cover ratio is currently 0.1 days based on an average daily trading volume of 30,600 shares.

Short sales of the company’s shares make up about 0.0% of the total. Any online trading account can be used to buy shares of AMAM stock. WeBull, Vanguard Brokerage Services, TD Ameritrade, E*TRADE, Robinhood, Fidelity, and Charles Schwab are a few well-known online brokerages providing access to the American stock market.


Competitors Of AMAM

The top rivals of Ambrx Biopharma include Elevation Oncology (ELEV), Cortexyme, Idera Pharmaceuticals (IDRA), Rubius Therapeutics (RUBY), Jasper Therapeutics (JSPR), Entera Bio (ENTX), AIM ImmunoTech (AIM), ERYTECH Pharma (ERYP), Genetic Technologies (GENE), Surrozen (SRZN), and (CRTX).

All of these businesses fall under the “medical” category. Ambrx Biopharma is not as well-liked by analysts as other Medical companies. AMAM stock has a consensus rating of Moderate Buy, whereas the typical consensus rating for healthcare firms is Buy.

Ambrx Biopharma is disliked by customers more than other Medical businesses. Ambrx Biopharma had an outperform vote from 52.38% of people, versus an average of 66.26% for medical firms.

Entera Bio And Ambrx Biopharma?

Compared to Ambrx Biopharma, Entera Bio has smaller revenue but larger earnings. Shares in Ambrx Biopharma are held by institutions 44.2% of the time. Comparatively, institutional investors own 17.1% of the shares in Entera Bio. Shares of Ambrx Biopharma are held by company insiders to a 5.1% stake. Comparatively, insiders own 5.2% of the shares in Entera Bio. Solid organizational ownership is a sign that endowments, hedge funds, and big money managers are betting on a company’s long-term ability to outperform the market.

Compared to Entera Bio’s profit income of -1,796.49%, Ambrx Biopharma has a net margin of 0.00%. Entera Bio’s return on equity was beaten by Ambrx Biopharma’s equity return of 0.00%. When compared by users, Entera Bio earned 157 more votes for outperformance than Ambrx Biopharma. Similarly, while just 52.38% of people gave Ambrx Biopharma an outstanding vote, 66.14% of users awarded Entera Bio an outperform rating.

With a beta of 1.34, AMAM stock price is 34% less volatile than that of the S&P 500. Compared to the S&P 500, Entera Bio’s share price is 84% more unpredictable with a beta of 1.84. Ambrx Biopharma received 48 more media mentions than Entera Bio in the past week. Ambrx Biopharma received 49 mentions according to us, while Entera Bio received just one.

Shares Of Ambrx Rise After Promoting Early Safety

Preliminary safety and effectiveness findings from the Phase 2 ACE-Breast-03 study were released by Ambrx Biopharma Inc. (NASDAQ: AMAM), which encouraged early safety data from the breast cancer candidate.

In patients with HER2-positive mBC who are resistant or refractory to T-DM1, the data showed a 51.7% overall response rate (ORR) and a 100% disease control rate (DCR) after therapy with ARX788. Patients received therapy for a median of 7.2 months, as treatment is still ongoing.

In China, Amrbrx’s partner NovoCodex Biopharmaceuticals is currently conducting two Phase 3 trials so one registration-enabled Phase 2 study with ARX788, with readouts expected in 2023. The last check Friday’s premarket session saw AMAM shares up 180.6% to $1.15.

How Simple Is It For Ambrx Biopharma To Raise Money?

Many people may be thinking that Ambrx Biopharma has to raise more money in the future because its income is falling and its operating cash flow is rising. Companies have the option of raising capital through debt or equity.

Publicly traded corporations benefit greatly from the ability to sell investors shares in order to raise capital and finance expansion. By comparing a company’s cash burn to its market capitalization, we may determine how much investors would be affected if the business had to issue capital to pay for the cash burn for an additional year.

Ambrx Biopharma seems to have a market value of $20 million and spent $7 million last year, or 350% of its market value. We believe there is a substantial risk of financial hardship given how big that expenditure is in comparison to the company’s market value, and we would be extremely cautious about keeping the AMAM stock.

What Are The Average Rating And Price Objective For Ambrx Biopharma?

Based on the current 1 controlled transaction and 1 buy rating for AMAM, the consensus opinion for AMAM stock is Moderate Buy, according to the 2 analysts who have issued ratings in the past year. Ambrx Biopharma’s average 12-month price objective is $4.00, with a premium price target of $4.00 and a low cost target of $4.00.

According to two Wall Street experts who have predicted the price of AMAM for the next year, the average price target is $11.00, with the maximum prediction for the company being $16.00 and the lowest prediction being $6.00.

By April 2023, according to the majority of Wall Street analysts, the share price of Ambrx Biopharma might be $11.00.

Is AMAM A Successful Business?

The cash burn for AMAM is $70163000. It has at least a year’s worth of coverage in the form of cash and short-term investments. AMAM has cash and short-term investments of $111.72 million. This is sufficient to fund its $70.16M yearly cash burn.

AMAM has a small 0.28 debt to equity ratio. On the balance sheet of AMAM, short-term assets outnumber long-term liabilities. On the balance sheet of AMAM, short-term assets exceed short-term liabilities. Cons: Over the past year, AMAM’s profit margin has decreased from 325.6% to 1.729.9%.

According to our examination of Ambrx Biopharma’s cash position, its cash runway was comforting, but the ratio of its cash burn to market value has us a little concerned. We have very little faith in the company’s capacity to control its cash burn after taking all the data stated in this article into account, and we predict it will need additional money.

The Basics Of Ambrx Biopharma

The value of AMAM stock is 43, which is higher than the average for the Biotechnology sector. Currently, 3 out of 7 due diligence tasks are being passed by AMAM. AMAM’s Financials rating is 0, which is the same as the industry average for the Biotechnology sector.

AMAM stock is presently failing 0 of 7 checks for due diligence. The AMAM stock forecast score is 0, which is the same as the sector average for biotechnology. AMAM stock is presently failing 0 of 9 checks for due diligence.

The Performance score for AMAM stock is 71, which is higher than the industry average for biotechnology. Five out of ten due diligence checks are passing for AMAM. We disregard this dimension because Ambrx Biopharma has little or no historical dividend history.

Recommendations Most Recent From AMAM Analysts

On May 24, 2022, a Goldman Sachs analyst decreases their price objective for AMAM stock from $6 to $4 while maintaining a hold rating.

On April 7, 2022, Joel Beatty, a high 17% analyst from Baird, commences covering on AMAM with a buy recommendation and publishes their $16.00 price target.

On February 28, 2022, Corinne Jenkins of Goldman Sachs, a top 48% analyst, announces the beginning of covering on AMAM with such a hold recommendation and a $6.00 price target.

In 2022, Should I Buy Or Sell Ambrx Biopharma Stock?

In 2022, Should I Buy Or Sell Ambrx Biopharma Stock?

In the past year, Ambrx Biopharma has received “buy,” “hold,” and “sell” evaluations from 2 Wall Street research analysts. For the stock, there is presently 1 hold rating and 1 buy rating. Wall Street research experts generally agree that investors should “buy” AMAM stock. On Friday, June 18th 2021, (AMAM) raised $126 million through an initial public offering.

At a price of $17.00–$19.00 per share, the corporation issued 7,000,000 shares. The underwriters for the initial public offering were Goldman Sachs, BofA Securities, and Cowen. The time it would take for a corporation to exhaust its cash on hand at its current cash burn rate is known as its cash runway. Ambrx Biopharma had 111 million dollars in cash and no debt as of June 2022.

Looking back at the previous year, the business spent $70 million. So, starting in June 2022, AMAM stock forecast had a financial runway of about 19 months. This is not too bad, and unless cash burn substantially decreases, it is safe to assume the financial runway is coming to an end.

Ambrx Biopharma Stock Forecast 2022

While it is not anticipated that AMAM stock forecast annual earnings rate of growth of N/A will surpass the statistically important earnings growth rate of 9.29% for the US biotechnology industry, neither is it anticipated to surpass the average AMAM stock forecast earnings rate of growth of 70.08% for the US market.

The revenue for AMAM stock forecast in 2022 is -$90,558,000. One Wall Street analyst predicted that AMAM stock forecast earnings would be -$75,691,975 on average in 2022, with the highest AMAM earnings prediction being -$75,691,975 and the top AMAM stock forecast being -$75,691,975.

The current Earnings Per Share (EPS) for Ambrx Biopharma is $6.72. Analysts expect AMAM stock forecast EPS to be -$0.28 on average for 2022, with the lowest and highest estimates both coming in at -$0.28.

Ambrx Biopharma Stock Forecast 2023

Ambrx Biopharma Stock Forecast 2023

AMAM stock forecast is anticipated to make -$67,582,121 in 2023, with the smallest earnings estimate being -$67,582,121 and the actual figure being -$67,582,121. By April 7, 2023, analysts on Wall Street believe the share price of Ambrx Biopharma might reach $11.00.

From the present share price of $4.54 for AMAM, the average AMAM stock forecast predicts a possible increase of 142.29%. AMAM stock forecast EPS is anticipated to be negative $0.25 in 2023.

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